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This candleholder for the easter bunny is perfect for adding some.

tea light candle holder

tea light candle holder

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Spinning Hearts Candle Holder

Candleholder Target

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Top 10 Candleholder

This candleholder is made of cafe de paris and metal. It is a great way to showcase your cafe de paris collection and make an addition to your home. The candleholder is sturdy and perfect for holding multiple candlemakers or multiple ozignat candles. this candleholder is perfect for holding all your candles or supplies while you work in the kitchen. The large 3-wick metal sleeve ensures that your candles or supplies don't get lost or lost during transport. the perfect centerpiece stand for your farmhouse scale candleholder. With its unique center, this piece will add personality to your piece and make your candleholder stand out. The sturdy construction means that this stand will last and look great for years. this candleholder is for the wedding celebration, it is made of sturdy materials and is executable to create a beautiful light up atmosphere. The studs on the holder provide a fun and festive look for your wedding.