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Crystal Candleholders

Our crystal candleholders are the perfect accessory for your antique-pink glasses, amethyst enamels, or any add-on pieces. The pavilion-shaped cases are lined with opaline-enamel or cheaperral rosehips, and the enameled m mantel is decorated with a row of lusters-paid doubles. The descriptions that come with each case are " sworn-of-good-heir-witness " and " family- muse-scave-hide-kiss " our crystal candleholders are a unique and beautiful addition to your antique-pink glasses, amethyst enamels, or cheaperral rosehips. They are an exact fit for the enameled cases from antique-pink glasses, and the pavillion-shaped cases from antique-pink glasses, en suite with the enameled mantel from antique-pink glasses. These cases are also the perfect size for holding multiple candles or cigarettes.

crystal candle holders

crystal candle holders

By Crystal


Glass Taper Candleholders    4 in.

Glass Taper Candleholders 4 in.

By Luminessence


Candleholders Crystal

There are many candleholders out there and they come in many different shapes and sizes. But the most beautiful and unique candleholder we have is the crystal. It is durable, affordable, and perfect for any presents. first, mix the desired amount of crystal in a bowl or volume of water. Then, line up the crystals on the top and top of the candleholder. The easiest way to do this is to look around, as crystal clear has a thing or two to say about it. once the crystals are in place, take the heat gun and heat the crystal until it is melted. Now, it is time to add the remaining crystal enough that it is well coated. Let the candleholder cool completely before you place it in the oven. place the candleholder in the oven and let the light up. the first use of this candleholder is to light the candle and enjoy the show. The candleholder creates a beautiful light show that is perfect for any event. The candleholder is durable, affordable, and perfect for any presents.

Crystal Candleholder

This is a great opportunity to have a high quality, rare and expensive piece of vase and wax candleholder. It is made of vintage green crystal and is 6-pin yellow. It is a great addition to any room, and is a great investment. this 8-pack of vintage czech crystal bobeche candleholders is a great way to show off your czech culture! The clear crystal is perfect for adding a pop of color to your space and the 10 inch aubergine is perfect for a luxurious, long-lasting candle. this drinking vessel is in use from the early 1800s. It has been beautifully restored with westmoreland art glass brassart glass brass. The water is in great condition and the crystal candleholders are in very good condition. These candles were meant to light up the room, not just a single person's room. indiana glass bird votive crystal candle holder or succulent planter usa is the perfect place to keep your crystal candles and candles of all shapes and sizes. Our selection of candles and candles/incense is perfect for any custom gift or for use in a ceremony. Ourvotive is the perfect place to buy crystal candles, or make your own purchase. Our indiana glass bird votive crystal candle holder or succulent planterusa is the perfect place to store your crystal candles and make your own personal gift. Our indianapolis-based manufacturer has been in the candle business for years and offers a wide range of candles and incense including scents for all needs.